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Locating the right music teacher is not always easy.  Finding the correct person to work with you or your children to introduce or expand on their musical ability can be quite a task.

In the past you when you looked for a music teacher you would go to the phone book and yellow pages. Directory style advertisements don't give enough information nor do they give you a "feel" for the person you are dealing with. Even when a music teacher has been referred to you by a neighbour or close friend, the first meeting may be somewhat uncomfortable.

The listings in this site have been designed to allow these teachers to present their approach to music instruction to you by focusing on three main topics;

  • An "Introduction" of Themselves

  • Their "Credentials"

  • The Areas They "Specialize In"

This information will help you to be better prepared, informed and more comfortable when contacting a prospective teacher, be it by email or phone.

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