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What is a .jpg or .gif file?

A .jpg or .gif is an electronic file format for pictures or graphics. Most digital cameras will capture your photos in this format. These are also the formats used to display images on the Internet.

A Word About Photos.

We recommend a more casual photo of yourself as opposed to a formal shot. This can help in portraying a feeling of comfort to your site.

Questions or Concerns?

Call us if you have any questions.
The Internet is changing constantly and can be quite intimidating if you are new to it.
We will do our best to explain the technology and see if we can't get the Internet to work for you!

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For Music Teachers.....How To Order

We have made ordering this package easy and painless. In many cases we can have your web presence started in just a few days.
Simply send us by e-mail,
1.) Let us know the sample template you prefer.
2.) Attach or insert the text you would like to use in your site. Think of this as your mini resume. It should be the information you would want to tell potential clients about yourself and what you do. Include an intro about yourself with your philosophy or approach to teaching music, your credentials and your specialties.
3.) Attach to the e-mail, in a .jpg or .gif file format, your picture and other images you may want to use, i.e. a logo. While including a photo is not essential it is highly recommended. Sites with photos usually get a better response that sites without.
4.) A slogan or catch phrase, if you use one.
5.) Please include your most up to date contact information, phone, fax, e-mail etc.

We will do the rest!
In a few days we will e-mail you a temporary site location for you to view your site. Once you are happy with its approval we will send you an invoice. Upon receipt of your payment, your site will be posted for the entire Internet community to see.

Sample Changes and Custom Built Sites,
Contact us by e-mail or phone to inquire on having changes made to your sample choice or if you would like a custom built site. We would be happy to work with you to develop a site that reflects your style and personality.

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